Which Gamer are You?

Which Gamer are You?

In this modern world, we are lucky enough to have access to multiple ways to play our favourite games. We as South Africans love our games, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy them which we haven’t tried. Many people in fact only choose to stick to one type of gaming without knowing about the fantastic opportunities the other mediums might have. Let’s take a look at the three most common types of gaming.

Mobile Gamer

Mobile gamers like to grab things on the go. These types of games are often simple and require few controls to get you started. They are easy and accessible for everyone, you just need to find a game you like and you are away.

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Mobile games can be grabbed on the go wherever you happen to be. They are great for anyone who is searching for a quick fix whenever they can get it.

Console Gamer

Console gamers like to play with other people; that is why some of the biggest co-op releases of the past decade have been exclusively for console. You are most likely a sociable person who likes logging on and playing against either your best friends or people all over the world.

Consoles are also great for convenience. Unlike mobile or PC games, there is very little in the way of installation. All you need is the disk and you are good to go. There’s also a much wider game library to choose from, with many of the best games of the moment taking a very long time to reach PCs.

PC Gamer

Finally, we have PC gamers. These tend to be powerhouses who like to build up their computers to be the best they can be. Computers are highly customisable which means that you can swap out components for higher-performing ones, resulting in clean and crisp gameplay you would never see on another platform.

Modding is also huge amongst PC communities. Don’t like an aspect of the game? See if there is a mod which fixes it! While many console players are still restrained by the lack of modding, PC gamers can completely transform their game to make it look completely different than what it did when it was installed.

All of these mediums have their own pros and cons. If you are an ardent fan of one type of gaming, you should think about trying one of the others. Each one is extremely different and can offer you a new style of gameplay. Someone who has only ever used a console might find a whole new world if they try out PC gaming. If you are thinking of switching up the way you game, do it!

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