What to Watch Out For Before Playing at a No Deposit Casino

What to Watch Out For Before Playing at a No Deposit Casino

The chance to play for free with a no deposit required online casino offer is always going to be very tempting, but before you jump right on it take a moment to consider a few key points we cover below.

Are you actually eligible?

Reading the terms and conditions of an offer may not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but it is essential if you want to avoid possible strife down the road. For example, some no deposit bonuses are advertised on all sites but only open to players from certain countries, or a particular offer may only be valid if you are specifically invited to take advantage of it, despite the same offer being visible all around the internet. Lastly, you may well be registering with a casino for the first time but if you already play with another casino in the same group your eligibility for the bonus is likely to be withdrawn.

What type of no deposit bonus are you getting?

There are several forms of deposits, which work in different ways. The most common are:

  • Cash – usually a fairly small amount, but you may be free to spend it anywhere you like across the site
  • Free spins – usually around 10-20 spins which may be limited to a particular slot
  • Free play – these can be used in the same way as cash, but the winnings may be paid in tokens too

Check the procedure for claiming a bonus no deposit code

If you came across the no deposit offer via a bonus code it may need to be entered before play to actually make use of it, but in other cases you may need to have it activated by customer support. It’s good to check this before playing to avoid confusion.

Look at the wagering requirements

Mostly, but not always, the more generous the no deposit bonus is, the more rigorous the wagering rules tend to be. Of course, you can always take the approach that when you are playing for free then any profit you make is a bonus, and therefore worth it, but that’s not necessarily the case. For example, if you got some bonus cash which must be played through the system at least 40 times, (or the winnings from your free spins are subject to the same rule), you could easily get fed up of the sheer amount of time this takes to do. (It’s easier to treat these situations as a chance to explore a site and, if possible, to try new games out.)

Check the percentage each game contributes to the wagering rule

In general, 100% of a wager on a slot is counted, but this could be a lot less for table games.

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Are there any time constraints?

No deposit bonuses generally always have a time restriction, so you may have a month to play (and meet the wagering requirements), or you may have less time. It’s quite common for the free spins type bonus to last only a few days.


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