The Changing Nature of Casino Gaming

The Changing Nature of Casino Gaming

The casino industry has experienced many changes over the years, especially since people started to use the internet in their everyday lives. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are allowing people to be constantly connected through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Casinos needed to adapt and started to incorporate these new technologies that have resulted in many positive outcomes and has changed the way people gamble.

Casino games where available online since the ’90s and through player feedback the experience has been improving ever since. Gaming online is now much easier with smartphones and the games are developed in such a way to provide a seamless experience on any device.

Social Casinos

A trend that has been growing each year is the social casino. This is where social media has greatly influenced the casino industry. As the name suggests, social casinos are platforms where social interaction is encouraged and the casino games can be played for free. Similar to social casinos are the social games found on Facebook such as the popular Farmville where players are able to show off their scores other their friends.

Development Freedom

For developers, social casinos offer more freedom and experiment with different styles and are able to provide the players with a variety of different looking games. With a combination of great visuals, sound effects and animations an online casino game can provide hours of an enjoyable experience to the players. The games are made in such a way to fit any device. Either playing on PC, tablet or smartphone it will be the same enjoyable experience. Experimenting with new gameplay mechanics and art styles is more convenient with virtual casino games. Companies, especially indie companies, can develop prototype ideas to experiment and see what will exactly work and can easily be modified or adjusted accordingly if it does not work.

Yearly Innovations

Many new innovations are presented yearly at ICE London. Novomatic, one of the leading producers of gaming technologies worldwide, is one of the companies leading the charge in innovation. This year at ICE London the company impressed audiences with their new releases such as Lucky Lady’s Wild Spell, a spiritual successor to the classic Lucky Lady’s Charm. Lucky Lady’s Charm can be found on Slotpark Casino along with many other popular classics such as Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot. Among the classics, the website also features many of the high-quality slots developed by Novomatic. Each of them with their own different styles and charm.

Last year the ICE conference extended beyond the UK to other parts of the world such as Africa and was met with positive feedback. Interest in the casino industry is slowly growing in Africa as demonstrated by the ICE convention in 2019, where over 24 African countries were represented. While not as impressive as its UK counterpart, ICE Africa gained attention from over 90 countries outside the continent.

ICE Africa has been created with the same intention as previous ICE conventions such as to help companies learn, collaborate, innovate and see the latest trends and future gaming technologies.

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