Our 9 tips for playing online video slots

Our 9 tips for playing online video slots

Our 9 tips for playing online video slots will help you to correctly choose an online video slot and play it on your ipad, computer or mobile. What should you pay attention to when choosing the right video slot and what do you need to take into account?

Tip 1: Select a nice video slot

The first question that comes to mind immediately is, of course, which slot is really fun to play? And we understand that like no other. And not only that! Do you really want to know what we think is the best online video slot? We suggest you to play on Syndicate Casino South Africa!

Tip 2: Go for a video slot with the highest payout percentage!

In the specifications you can often view per video slot what the payout percentage is (RTP). This is often expressed as RTP (return to player). When you choose a video slot with a high payout percentage, you are naturally a lot stronger. This of course offers no guarantees. Why would you go for a video slot that can only pay out 80%, while there are also enough video slots to play, where you can get more than 97% of your stake paid out?

Examples of video slots with a high payout percentage are:

Netent – Slot Thief – 96.7% RTP
MicroGaming – Slot BridesMaids – 97% RTP

Tip 3: Test a video slot for free before you start playing it!

In most online casinos such as the polder casino, you can often try out all video slots for free. You can do this without having to create an account. Simply clicking on the desired video slot is enough to try this video slot for free and then determine whether you really want to play this video slot.

Tip 4: Choose a reliable online casino for playing an online slot machine

At the moment it is still illegal to gamble online in our country. It is currently being tolerated, until the government gives an agreement, which allows legal gambling on the internet. Nonetheless, gambling is now possible on an online video slot. We have a number of providers that are reliable in paying out and playing online video slots.

Tip 5: Go for a video slot without a jackpot for higher payout percentages

When you start playing a video slot with the possibility of winning a large jackpot, you need to realize that the chance of winning this jackpot is small. And often you can only win a jackpot with a certain bet. Of course you can play casino slots with a jackpot if you want to win a hit. Then go for a somewhat smaller jackpot. The chances are greater to win a somewhat smaller jackpot. The differences are quite big when you play, without the chance of winning the jackpot. And if you want to play for the jackpot, you have to play for a higher amount. It is of course up to you!

Tip 6: Decide which features you like and choose your favorite video slot

If you like a certain feature such as freespins, then you can quickly find it based on the reviews written by other players. Or are you more of other features such as overlay wild or scatter? You can find it all in other reviews.

Tip 7: Subscribe to all newsletters from reliable casinos!

To get an extra benefit before you start playing a video slot, it is wise to sign up for various newsletters from various online casinos. So you will occasionally find free spins for a certain video slot or another bonus. You can cash this in, but then you often have to play this around a number of times to clear the bonus.

Tip 8: Play video slots from a certain favorite software developer

While playing a video slot you quickly find out which software developer is behind the development of your video slot. This is often indicated in the intro. Often the other games from this developer will be offered in the same style or game experience.

Tip 9: Make agreements with yourself about the bet on the video slot

Do not go beyond your own limits and determine in advance what amount you want to spend for playing a video slot. Do not go over it when you have lost everything. Of course it can only be money that you can miss. Never borrow money for this and don’t have the illusion that you can earn back lost money. That means the end is lost and you are not doing well while playing online video slots.

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