International betting sites offer safer option for South African players

International betting sites offer safer option for South African players

Online betting and betting with wireless devices and smartphones isn’t just on the rise in South Africa but is a trend sweeping the entire continent. There are many mixed opinions on what online betting brings to the table, both positive and negative but the fact remains that sports betting is legal in South Africa, and on the rise.

In an increasingly digital world avid players and sports betting enthusiasts will find their way to online betting sites anyway. The question then becomes about educating the public on how to find safe, reliable and accountable operators.

Many international bookmakers have time and again proven to be the best online betting sites in South Africa in terms of security and the overall experience they offer. But there’s more to it than that.

Choosing recognisable brands won’t just catch your eye when shopping for new clothes or buying a mobile phone. Players looking for the best sports betting products should be on the lookout for betting brands that carry weight around the world.

Ensuring the licensing board is trustworthy is an absolute must. While sports betting is legal in South Africa, you can rest assured that the policing of online betting within South Africa is overseen by The National Gaming Board. However, the issuing of actual licences is the responsibility of the various provincial authorities.

While some international operators do hold South African licences, not all do, but many still accept South African players. If you’re looking for online betting sites outside of South Africa you should make sure that the country in which a betting site has their licence issued is a trustworthy governing body. The biggest betting sites usually hold their licences in the UK or in Malta, which are generally held to be the gold standard.

Top of the line security isn’t something that should be compromised or taken lightheartedly, and many of the more established international operators lead the line when it comes to keeping your personal and banking details safe.

State of the art encryption software is something overlooked by players when choosing a betting site but should be one of the first factors you take into account. You can often scroll to the bottom of a betting site to find out what safeguarding tools the bookmaker is employing.

South African deposit methods are now a feature of many international betting sites in a bid to cater to players. Deposits in rand aren’t a must, but are preferable. The key is to ensuring you have a viable and safe form of deposit and withdrawal. Many bigger sites such as betway or bet365 now offer trustworthy and reliable South African deposit methods such as OZOW, Kazang, OTT and 1Voucher alongside more traditional forms of payment.

Premium service and quality of betting features should be a key consideration for any South African player. Safety should always come first and the factors mentioned above should be at the forefront of any players mind first off.

The fact of the matter is when choosing amongst top international betting sites you never have to compromise between safety, security or premium quality.

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