Creating or Join A Home Poker Games Club

Creating or Join A Home Poker Games Club

Poker is an interesting and fun game that people can play either from the comfort of their homes or physical casinos depending on their personal preferences. Poker is widely loved and played and people can now go as far as creating their poker online clubs. This club allows a group of friends to play.

Creating a poker online club

To start an online poker club, most sites usually display the options on their main page; where the player can find either of these options:

  • Home Games
  • Create a Poker Club

Every player will need to create a unique name for their online poker club and generate an invitation code for new members invites. The player creating the club has to read the home games terms and conditions before choosing the create club button.

Bear it in mind that it is not necessary to use any private information when creating an invitation code because it is shared with members who are interested in joining the club.

What happens next after creating a club?

After creating the club, the admin will be provided a club ID and a reserved customizable home games poker club will be shown on the screen. The admin can commence inviting new members or friends to join the club by sending them the home games club ID and the invitation code as well.

When using a .COM site to create a club, here are some things to expect:

  • Using a .COM site, the number of clubs that can be created is 2 and the maximum number of clubs that can be joined is 10.

Using a .NET site:

For anyone who wants to make use of a .NET site; the highest number of clubs that can be created using this site is just 1 and just 3 other clubs can be joined when using the site as well.

Becoming a member of a friends poker club

To join a friend’s private home games poker club is pretty easy:

  1. The first thing the invitee will need to do is click on the home games tab on the main page
  2. Next, click on join a poker club to have access to gain access to a poker club
  3. At this stage, the invitee will need to enter the club ID and invitation code with a name – the provided name is just to enable the admin to identify the invitee and approve their application to join the club.
  4. To have full access to the club, the invitee will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Home Games.
  5. Finally, the last process which approves the invitee to join the club.

After applying, the admin or club manager will be alerted of the invitee’s request to join the club, and once the admin approves the application, the club name will be displayed in the Home Games lobby and that is all it takes.

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