Casino Trivia: Learning More About Casino Events and History

Casino Trivia: Learning More About Casino Events and History

The management and operation of casinos have prompted the resolution and creation of certain casino myths, fallacies and trivia’s. There are instances when you seem like everything is the same but they are not. There are actually quite a few fun facts about casinos that most operators would have shared and laughed at with their customers at a certain point.

A brief history of Casinos

The first ever online poker room was introduced in 1998 by Randy Blumer, it started dealing $3-6 game of the Texas hold’em poker, which later on inspired other online casino operators to showcase the same gaming platform, which led to the birth of Paradise Poker and to date even social networks have adopted the scheme. Poker was invented by no one according to its written history. Its origins can be traced from the European continent. It was later on introduced in the United States by a 19th century actor in the person of Joseph Crowell and became a stress reliever for the troops who fought in the Civil War.

If you have managed to enter a Casino, you should have noticed that most of them are protected by thick walls and rarely would you find also a clock displayed inside. The reason for this is to detach you from the restraining orders of time and day. Without windows you will not notice the sun setting or rising. This is a trick employed by casinos to keep every players stuck on their seats.

MGM Mirage and Harrah’s Entertainment are the top two well invested casino operators in the United States that have far reaching influences on Casino operators across the globe. Harrah’s Entertainment holds ownership of at least 40 casinos scattered in the United Stated and are known incorporators of other casino investments across the globe. MGM Mirage is following closely in its recorded ownership of 24 casinos all over America and some other investments in countries with Casino operators most especially in the territory of Macau.

If you are wondering how lucky you can get playing slot machines inside a casino, then hear this, Georgio’s M played the Mega Moolah slot machine on the 12th day of May in 2009 and managed to hit €6,374,434 or $ 8.62m at the current exchange. And the second biggest win was had on the same slot machine game in 2008, when it handed $5.5m to a Finnish player, so when inside a casino, look for the Mega Moolah and try your luck.

Casino Sites Payment Methods and Alternatives

Casino sites payment methods generally require players to settle of fund their account via credit card payments utilizing online transactions. However, there are gamers who do not want their credit cards being charged on a regular basis for Casino playing hence as a payment alternative, Casino sites added UKASH and PayPal services to their payment options to accommodate players who want no card Casino playing. The original payment methods include bank transfers, postal cheque payments and other online payment application like clicktopay and Moneybookers. The advent of the no card registration made players to fill up forms to be a member of UKASH and PayPal.

Using UKASH you can register to a lot of different Casino sites and start enjoying the benefits and reaping the rewards of hassle free Casino playing. UKASH allows players to play and fund their accounts without the need of registering a bank account or a credit card. The UKASH cash vouchers available all over UK and Europe can be used to fund Casino accounts just by simply supplying the codes found on the vouchers. PayPal on the other hand offers a secure method of payment and funding online accounts, by utilizing bank accounts or credit card funds offers flexibility and options when the Casino site prefers a safer method of funding your Casino accounts.

If you are new to online casinos world, or if you are simply worried about sharing your financial details with anyone online, then you should think about using one of the many UKash Casino sites. These sites allow you to pay your deposits using UKash, which are vouchers that you can cash on the website without having to actually put any of your bank information into any online forms. You don’t need a bank or credit card to use UKash. All you need to do is visit one of the many businesses near you that offer UKash vouchers, where you will be able to buy UKash vouchers of up to £500 in value each time. These vouchers have a unique code on them, which you can use to redeem the voucher online. This is a very secure method because you would be able to pay your online Casino deposits without having to share any banking information at all.

Some getting started casino games for the newbies

Now that you know the history of Casinos and how to sign up and pay for online casinos sites, here are some of the most popular casino games that you can try out, have fun and if you are luck, then you can also win some cash!

Bingo – Bingo is a simple game of chance that requires a minimal fee for every game card with a very good prize offering in certain cases. The addiction to Bingo games opened floodgates to programmers and business enthusiasts who saw the viability of operating online Bingo sites as an alternative venue for Casinos and similar gambling dens or the limited availability of charitable gambling operations. The internet became a venue for Bingo fanatics to win and save enormous amount of money spend when playing inside casinos.

Rainbow Riches It is a blend of Bingo and slots and is quite popular across the world, UK in particular. It is a no brainer fun game that is mostly based on luck than anything else. However, like any other casino games, if you are lucky then you can win big cash playing it!

Roulette – It is yet another simply luck based games. It is also known as the spin wheel luck game. The players select a number and if the pointer of the wheel of fortune stops at that number than it can make you millionaire overnight!

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